Friday, November 28, 2008

Suedo Children

Mufasa peed in his crate a few days ago and I would have been a little more sympathetic towards the situation considering he hasn't done anything like that since being in China.....but I just gave him a bath 2 DAYS AGO!! And let me clue you in on something......Mufasa HATES bathing. Aside from looking like the most overgrown drowning rat when wet, he shakes so violently you want to check his vitals half-way through to make sure he's not going to die on you before your finished.
You'll notice the picture above was not taken in shower, where Moof was supposed to be at that moment, but in the bedroom where he managed to squeeze between my legs as I was struggling to put the shampoo back up on the shelf in exchange for the conditioner. He's totally got the guilty look.

The finishing product is FABulous! This is Moo, doing the most masculine pose he's capable of. He is a wonderful dog though, and we love him!

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