Thursday, November 20, 2008

I totally kicked Betty Crockers trash today!

Living in China for the holidays means you have to get creative. Especially if you miss certain creature comforts from home. Who can call it Thanksgiving without eating at least one piece of pumpkin pie? I mean, really, even if its not your favorite you tolerate it for traditions sake right?

We searched Jinan over and could find no trace of Thanksgivingy good-ness. So we decided we needed to work from scratch. And so this......

Became this.....

Mike was such a stud and made not one but two separate trips to the store (which is a half hour bike ride away) to find the right size pan for the pie! What a charmer! Mufasa helped out by joining team "SCRAP: search and rescue".

My little toaster, totally the grown up version of an "Easy Bake Oven"

What started out as a relatively simple project, ended up lasting more than eight hours. Boiling the pumpkin, mashing it down, figuring out how to substitute for the ingredients we didn't have.

The result was decadent! I don't know if I can ever go backed to canned again. It totally made my Thanksgiving. The best part was that it all took place with a single burner and a toaster oven! That's classic.


Anonymous said...

I'm super impressed, I've never even made a pumpkin pie from scratch because pumpkin pie is totally gross, even on Thanksgiving. It's all about the apple. BTW...did you know Thanksgiving isn't until next're a week early. Oh, concerning your previous post, I'm pretty sure I love candy as much as you might be hereditary (don't you know how much Dad likes candy??)

Anonymous said..., Emily, I count my blessings EVERYDAY. And even if its not the actual date....why not celebrate sugary good-ness early....but have you made an apple pie from scratch?

Brent Danley said...

I love pumpkin pie and I TOTALLY am in love with you, Kim. Michael done good!

You two rock! I love my family and my life but I have to admit, part of me wants to be where you are now. You two really grab life by the horns and live it to the fullest. I'm impressed.

Keep posting and taking lots of pictures.

sparkyballet said...

You totally can come Brent! Living in China is fairly cheap and if both you and Kirsten took a teaching job you guys could have a great time over here for a semester or two. You could even home-school the girls for a short it!

sparkyballet said...
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