Monday, December 1, 2008

Remember when?

It's not so much that I'm getting old, but my memory has never been that great.Mike and I are coming up on three years (well, it's really closer to six, but I'm just counting the consecutive). We have been through SO much! We don't have a lot of pictures to document our travels, and without writing this down I'm afraid I'll forget the wonderful, crazy, weird experiences we've been through. Just remember, we can't be classy all the time!

We've shoveled fertilizer in Malaysia, picked leaches off each other in rice paddies, had the best coffee of our life in Singapore, broke a hostel bed in Luang Probang, threw up while leaning my head out the window....for an entire bus ride in Lao, ridden camels through the sand dunes in India, had total strangers take pictures of us and play with our hair, had butt sweat in every country of south-east Asia, been followed by the local mob in Cambodia, smuggled my dog onto a train in China, ridden double dutch on a motorcycle in Thailand in the pouring rain, experienced paradise in Phuket and Karabi, the hidden mountain utopias of the Cameron Highlands, hiked with only one shoe around Rainier, had my arms eaten so badly by mosquito's the locals thought I had leprosy, had our camera stolen twice#@!, had my boob grabbed by a disgusting Indian man trying to throw colored chalk on me, climbed more mountains than I can remember together, hiked with only one shoe around Rainier, slept in the creepiest hostel in Bangladesh, laughed about having a lot of 'dong', seen a naked man covered in ash and a funny hat in Varansi, been smuggled onto the bed of a truck by a priest in Poipet, only to be surrounded by 18 locals a whole lotta durian, just about got lung cancer from a hostel in Cheque republic, almost dropped our camera on an elephants head trying to take a picture of a rhino in Nepal, watched our car blow a cylinder while trying to sell it, viewed the awe inspiring architecture of Austria, sworn one day to live in Germany if only for the food and the incredibly chill people, hitch-hiked from St.George to Kansas and back, sat on my luggage in more trains in India than I care to remember, almost got kicked off the beach in Singapore, know where to find 'Plain of Jars' on a map, been laughed at by tiny Asian women, taken more pictures than the paparazzi, spoken openly about travelers diarrhea, missed the last bus out of town, been chased after by wild dogs, then bought a naked one, suffered through ant bites in Florida (never lay on the grass!), been lulled to sleep in hammock on the beach, hidden our luggage in the hills like the homeless for a week, had a crazy old man grab my leg in a dark alley way of a foreign country, lived out our car for a significant amount of time, witnessed the beauty of the Taj-Mahal, slept on a train, had crazy Indians scream in our ears, went on a booze cruise in Vietnam, taken a boat through the exquisite foliage covered islands of Halong bay, swallowed a silk worm in Jinan, tubed down a river in Vang Vieng after flying off a gigantic tree swing, sat next to a pig on a bus, almost suffered claustrophobia in the caves of Lao, had an old man kick my trash running, eaten McDonald's in every country except India (don't judge), had a wild bear try and break into our apartment, been spoon fed yogurt in Vientiane, had an almost happy ending to a massage, had our car stolen, bought a new one, only to have it broken into and crashed by a drunk driver, know what it means to be 'watted out', used a tropical plant as a Christmas tree, wished upon a star while sleeping on the dirt in a desert, gone longer than a three weeks with out a real shower, wiped out a ninety year old lady on my bike, been held by baby elephants in Chiang Mai, witnessed first-hand the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and the wonders of Angkor Wat, am still trying to figure out the secret ingredient to the smoothies in Vietnam, think that the only reason to wake up early on a Saturday morning is to make banana-nut waffles, was beat by an eight year old in tic-tac-toe in Siem Reap, been lost more times than we can recal......(DEEP BREATH!) and I'm really just getting started.
I think blogs have a tendency to portray fairytail lives. You have to remember the good, the bad, and the ugly if only to have a good laugh about it one day. We are each others best friends, motivators, and partners in you!


Brent Danley said...

I love you two! Great post. You're living the life the rest of us only dream of. We miss you.

Kirsten Danley said...

I loved your post! You two are having such great adventures. You gotta look at the big picture. The good and the bad are all part of your rich experiences. You're awesome!