Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another day in the life....

Sorry if these posts seem mundane, but my purpose behind the blog was to document my travels, and it's the simple things you remember that mean the most.
This is such a typical picture, minutes before he needs to be out the door, Mike is planning *cough*borrowing* a lesson for his class.
After school, one of our favorite things to do is ride our bikes. Mufasa needed a jacket, so we went to the fabric section of the market where I discovered these beauties. In China, traditional wedding dresses are red, however some do choose to wear white.
And China, as seen through my lens. Welcome to the candy shop, he'll show you what he's got...Definitely one of my favorite stops. A few weeks ago I came home with my all-time favorite bag of candy, milk-chews (don't be a hater before you try one!) I popped one in my mouth and then handed one to Mike. I said 'Mike, do you like this candy as much as I do?' He responded by saying, 'Kim, I don't think anyone likes candy as much as you do.' Ha! True, true, true.
In China, vendors will set up their wares right on the edge of the street and just wait for the customers. While bird cages are fairly simple to arrange, it gets a little more complex when you haul in the kitchen-ware.
Hahaha....this guy has cornered the market on cardboard, among other things. I think my favorite part about this picture on the massive gloves glued to his handle bars. Brothers going to have some competition if he steps into my hood. There are dozens a guys just like this, they ride down the street yelling for your odds and ends at the top of their lungs.
And on the way home we had to stop to buy some water. Talk about coordination, mans got skill!
Not to be forgotten...Moof, getting some love upon our return.


Brent Danley said...

I so love your blog, Kim and Mike. Thank you for posting and DON'T worry about being mundane. You're absolutely correct in your assessment.

>mans got skill!

Man's got HAIR. Don't they have barbers over there?


sparkyballet said...

Hahaha...we are trying to see how long Mike's hair will get. It is getting a little shag-ish though isn't it?

jeannette stgermain said...

Hi, last year we went to China to visit our son who's teaching English there (By the way, we are Dutch). Were in Beijing, Nanchang (close to Shanghai),Quang Zhou (between those 2) and Shen-zhen )spelling?) on the border to Hong Kong. We loved the food there, and you're right after seeing the raw meat, we decided to go to McDonalds for breakfast instead :). Haven't gotten to the point reading why you are there? Have a good time -try an eggplant dish in a restaurant - delicious!
Visit my blog sometime & follow me-enjoy! Jeannette (castlestgermain(at)hotmail(dot)com