Friday, November 28, 2008

He won't even sing in the car...but...

You ever have that nightmare where you are singing Chinese in front of a thousand screaming Asian fans dancing to one of their hit tunes.......yea me neither.....but Mike does.....

Against all reason Mike agreed to take part in one of our schools 'talent shows'. They asked him to Chinese while coordinating moves with the belly-dancer he was going to share the stage with. It was one of those things where you don't realize what you got yourself into until its too late. Like when cliff jumping seemed like such a great idea when you were the one looking up....until you were the one looking down....

Mike and his tutor put hourssss into this while she taught him Pinyin and pronunciation. It was really neat to see him dressed in traditional clothing performing a popular Chinese song. Judging from whistles, screaming, and overall hysteria that erupted from the stage upon Mike approaching the stage......I wasn't alone in thinking he did FANTASTIC!!!!

I know, I thought the same thing when he did this...'what are you doing with your hands?Apparently it's all the rage when posing as an Asian, it's just what you do.
p.s. This is performance
Mike, singing amidst a growing fan base.

THIS, is totally my favorite shot, the dance that he totally rocked!

Mike displaying early signs of post traumatic stress.

I thought I'd include some pictures of other groups that performed that night as well. I thought they reflected some of the more traditional aspects of the Chinese culture.

This is one of my freshman classes performing a rendition of their favorite Communist era song.....nah, just kidding, their costumes would make you think that thought wouldn't they?

The umbrellas were perfectly synchronized.

Mike and I totally have a group of old people who meet everyday in our apartment building to practice this!

Apparently the Americans got it all wrong. Snow White's husband was decided on amidst cigarettes and a heated card game. This performance was sooo freaken hilarious!

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Brent Danley said...

Another awesome post, Kim! My baby brother is the coolest guy...EVER! No? Great pics.