Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blood and Water

Hookay. I had one task to accomplish today: post on my blog. I realize that like a corpse slowly decaying and returning to earth, my blog is slowly deteriorating and returning to the cyberworld I created it from (clearly a morbid analogy, but hey, it paints the picture right?). And I refuse to let that happen.

To make the transition less awkward, I'll start with the present (this would have worked a whole lot better if I posted this when it was month ago) and just flash back on the highlights of the trip that my ambition has left unwritten.
 Mike and I have returned to responsibility...or America, either or. Mike's Dad is about to turn 60 and as if celebrating aging (hip hip hooray for the saggin and the baggin) wasn't enough to return to the states, a family reunion is. Mike's siblings hadn't been together in over f.i.f.t.e.e.n. y.e.a.r.s. So, we cancelled our tickets, bought new ones and headed west. 

I've had met all of Mike's family except Christina, Mike's older sister. So after six years and countless stories, I was able to put a personality to the name. What's wonderful about Mike's family is that no matter how longs it's been since you last saw each other, the conversation continues as if it were only yesterday. They make me feel so much at home, and I love them for that. From left to right, starting in the back is Scott, Brent, Mike, and Ken. Christina and Richard are in the front. Love em!
Brent, Mike's older brother is the family photographer (both professionally and personally) so with his permission, I've hijacked his talent. To see more of his work visit: '' or  

We arrived in small town central Florida...St. Cloud. We kept our return a complete surprise and when Richard (Mike's dad) arrived at the airport, instead of his eldest flying in, his youngest trod out. Luckily, no AED was needed. Hokay, and I know I look like shiznat in this picture but if you'll cut a sister some slack, I had like two outfits and a brush to my name (not much has changed). Thank god my first stop home was to the salon, hence the newer darker do. LOVE it. Mike on the other hand could be naked and he'd look good. damn him. 

We were totally stoked to stay here after shacking up at low budget hostels for several months.
Most of the time we just hung out at the house, talking and eating amazing american food. 
We did venture out and go to Kennedy Space Center. But when we arrived and saw that tickets had been moved from free to forty....we decided it would just as cool to take some pictures of the rockets on the outside. I mean common...has anyone at the Space Center heard the news about the recession? I love being broke, lol. 

Did I mention that I'm dating a dare devil. He keeps me entertained, especially when he plays with the toys. These are the new ones that he declares are not nearly as fast as the XP he had in his glory days. Mike and Scott (oldest brother) still managed to make some waves though. 

Scott got married (big breath) again. But this time she's super cool, and they call her Kelly. She's a sweet-heart. 
So all I heard were these jokes about how Christina is not a cook. I mean, NOTTTTT a cook. I laughed and didn't really believe them, until I got up at the butt crack of dawn to make these cinnamon rolls with her. She's got this darling southern accent. Seriously, accents are so cool and I wish I could have one. But really, she can't cook. Pictured below are her husband, Trent and her two boys. 

I know your all holding your breath, but you can relax because Mufasa survived the trip and is happily enjoying his time....outside the house. That's right, no pets allowed inside and so he's chillin it poolside. He's even managed to snag some girl time with the local bitch Buffy. She plays hard to get.
Brent and Kirsten are lovers. Lovers make time for lovin no matter where you are. 

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