Saturday, April 11, 2009


Mike and I have made our way north towards the frigid arctic. Not really, but coming from certainly feels like it. I didn't quite know what to make of Maine before I left, but it didn't take me long to fall in love with New England. 
Brent and Kirsten are great hosts and jumped right in showing us around. Adopting the 'what's mine is yours' attitude....LOL(*cough*ahem*)...okay, I guess you have to be here to get that one. One of our first stops were to the lighthouses. The coast hovered in a heavy mist, shrouding the lighthouse in a grey light. We were all frigid and I managed to catch this cool picture of Brent and Mike making a mad dash for the car.
It's handy having a photographer around to give tips...and capture moments like know, freezing your pants off. 
We've also made sure as bartenders, we know our trade. So of course it was only natural to make a stop at the local brewery: Shipyard. They have several good beers, their Summer ale and Pumpkin Head are to be rivaled. 
Mike and I have always said that if we could have kids as well behaved and balanced as these....we would start trying tonight. Unfortunately, life has yet to give us that guarantee, so we'll settle with Mufasa, who I am pretty sure will require a whole lot less counseling as an adult. Below, Kirsten and I took them to Home Depot and they made BIRD FEEDERS!!
Our flight up to Maine included a reeaallyy long lay-over in Baltimore, Maryland (And I'm not racist...but can I just say that I've never before been around so many blacks at one time in America). So we were asking our fellow seat-sharers what there was to do in Maine that would fuel the adrenaline, capture a memory, or at least steal our heart. They all said three things: chowdah (apparently you up for a whooping if you include the 'er'), Lighthouses, and L.L. Bean. So, for your viewing pleasure.  
L.L. Bean is a weird sub-culture of the east coast. I could never have guessed it was this big before my visit. I was a wiener and had to hold onto Mike's hands. Kirsten and Brent were all balls to the wall, and she proudly surrendered herself to the Brent's brute strength. 

 Sometimes, the ice thaws on the grass, the sun peaks it's rosy cheeks out from behind the clouds, and the outdoors becomes irresistible. So we pack up and head to beach, where we play football, catch, and Frisbee. 
On those days, there always seems to be a name that tugs at the guilt strings in our hearts. Kirsten is going to school full-time and working several days a week. That means that while we are at the beach having fun, she's at the hospital working. So we visit her for lunch every time she works. Cause were pretty much her possy. 
Not to make this post too much like recap vomit, but I have to include this. Because it was soo much fun! We took the ferry out to Peaks Island. Mike manned the boat. With a Captain as delicious as him, I'd sail the world round. 

Then we raided some locals shed, dug out two tandem bicycles, and cycled around the island. Kirsten weighs like two pounds and it was really funny to watch her pouncing up and down on the pedals trying to help them get up the hills.  We had a delicious lunch....and desert...


Matthew and Hillary said...

Wow, every time I check up on you, you seem to be in some different part of the world. That's pretty awesome!

Kirsten said...

We love having you and Michael here. You two are awesome!

jeannette stgermain said...

How is it to be back to this side of the big pond? I can see on the pics even from your body size that you're the ones who have traveled. That is how I and hubby used to look like compared to our family -thinned out:)