Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yours Truly

I realize that many of the people that read this blog either don't know me or REALLY don't know me. So, I think this will be a good ice-breaker. I totally nabbed this from Facebook under the label 100 truths, but when I actually counted there were only 54, so here it is. 

FIFTY FOUR TRUTHS-all about yours truly. 

001. Real Name: Kimberly 
002. Nicknames: sparkyballet and flash
003. Status: Happily lovers- I'll never ever ever get married, it distorts relationships
004. Zodiac sign: Aquarius (sing the song, go ahead)
005. Male or female: If the people reading need an answer to this it's going to take a lot more than fifty four questions to break the ice. 
006. Elementary: La Costa Heights...go OWLS!!
007. Middle School: Oak Crest, home of the most awkward years of my life.
008. High School: La Costa Canyon....nuff said
009. Skin color: Varying shades of white
010. Hair color: Brown
011. Long or short: medium
012. Loud or quiet: Depends on how comfortable I am with you, the more comfortable the more loud. 
013. Sweats or jeans: Jeans, fo sho
014. Phone or camera: CAMERA, a picture is worth a thousand words 
015. Health freak: not so much
016.Do you have a crush on someone: always....Mike
017. Eat or Drink: Depends on whats to drink. I can't resist white wine or vodka. 
018. Piercings: One in my ears, but I don't wear many earrings.
019. Water or Fire: Water, because shellooo I'm an Aquarius.
020. Love of your life or 4 billion dollars: Money can't buy love. 

021. First fear: Learning to swim, all the candy in the world couldn't move me from the steps.
022. First best friend: Kaitlin Welch, I had the best childhood ever
023. First award: Student Standout....the best part was the free frozen yogurt you won : 0
024. First crush: Gabe Herrak....blond hair, blue eyes...he was a knock out. 
025. First pet: Probably a hamster
026. First big vacation: Utah.yes.back then, that was big. 
027. First big birthday: 6, it was one of those surprise deals...and boys were invited. 

028. Eating: Nada, I don't eat while I'm on the computer, it contaminates the keyboard
029. Drinking: that's worse than eating.
o30. I am about to: hang out with the family.
031. I am listening to: Mike talk about how dry the shishkabobs are. It's not my fault, I forgot they were in the oven.
032. Plans for tonight: Probably just chill with my homie and watch a movie. 
033. Waiting for: Airline refunds, IRS return, and transcripts. 

Your Future:
034. Want kids: Sometimes
035. Want to get married: Never never never. Marriage is unnecessary, outdated, and expensive.
036. What careers do you have in mind: This changes every year. How bout I just surprise you.

Which is Better:
037. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
038. Shorter or taller: I'm 5'2, it would totally gross me out if he was shorter. 
039. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous, spontaneous, spontaneous. Planners are boring. 
040. Trouble maker or hesitant: Hmmm...hesitant, and trouble in moderation

Have You Ever
041. Been arrested: No... let's keep it that way. 
042. Heartbroken: Yes, it sucked.
043. Cried when someone died: No, partly because I'm heartless, but also because I have to be incredibly close with someone to cry about them. 

Do You Believe In:
044. Yourself: Yes.
045. Miracles: Coincidence, yes. Miracles, no. 
046. Love at first sight: No, strong attraction and compatibility, yes. 
047. Heaven: I'd like to, but it's not likely.
049: Sex on the first date: Are you asking if it's happened or if it's okay?? Hokay. Moving on. 

Answer Truthfully:
051. Is there one person you want to be with right now more than others: Mike and Mufasa, and they're right here now. 
052. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: Very much y.e.s.
053. Do you believe in God: I consider myself an agnostic. 
054. Do you have regrets: Two. 

Okay. Now that I have indirectly cleared the air on several topics. I hope those who do read my blog can proceed with a clearer prospective on who I really am.


BECKY said...

I have to put in a word about marriage. Marriage is SO fabulous and is so much better than just being in a relationship! It's a deeper, more loving level of commitment that I HIGHLY suggest. :)

Dude, that picture of that van you travelled in a few pictures down... oh my heck that is SO much luggage on the top!!!

Anonymous said...

That's why I LOVE this girl!