Thursday, April 30, 2009

Noo Yawk

The greatest thing about visiting the east coast is that there is so much history within a road trips grasp. Mike and I just could not pass up an opportunity to a) visit my spermination destination b) reunite with long lost kin c) and sight see in the city of dreams. So we emailed my sister Emily, rented a car, and packed our bags. All of your typical road trip scenarios ensued: fast food pit stops, music jam sessions, and throw up. Lesson learned: don't let Mufasa chew the entire bone in five minutes it won't come out the right end. 
With the help of Brent's GPS (much thanks!) we made it to New York in.....later that night, it took a long time okay. Eric and Emily let us shack up at their place for the night. She's so effortlessly artsy fartsy it kills me. 
They had some big news to share.......HER EGGO IS PREGGO!!! 
People always told me New York could feel like home in five minutes or less. The NYPD's finest made a believer out of me. 
It's no secret that Mike and I are spontaneous. Inevitably though, there have been situations which we were unsure of, and when this happens we simply look at each other and say......'balls to the wall baby'. Crass, I know but it reflects our life's view of no regrets and no reservations. So, in our honor......balls on the bull. 
The Statue of Liberty has always been to me, the epicenter of New York. The symbol of hope and freedom to millions, whether their dreams saw reality or not. Naturally it was among the first things we saw. So, if you look reeaally hard, that small dot on the left of us is Lady Liberty herself. And really, given we only had one day in New York, and since we didn't want to wait in line for hours on end to get tickets, this is what we got. 
Eric and Emily were phenomenal. I mean really, every living relative that visits them in New York wants to see the same things...and they humor them. We wanted to visit some things they hadn't seen as well. The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States and upon completion , the longest suspension bridge in the world. 
You ever have one of those days when it feels like every five minutes your posing for another picture...side by in front, one in back....arms around each....okay, give me something new. My budding genius 
The calories were falling off of us and by block 20 we all agreed that lunch was a great idea. Emily found an amazing gyro joint. Ordering food from a stall had me reminiscing on Asia...but not for long because these things were DELISH
What would a trip to New York be without strolling through CHINATOWN! We showed them the markets with their herbal medicine and gutted fish, I busted out all five words of Chinese and had the Asians shaking their heads at the crazy tourist who tried to say 'fish' in Chinese. So in true Chinese fashion....Cheese!!
And no matter what anyone tells you, Teuscher Chocolatier is NOT family owned and operated because despite all our best efforts they refused to give us Eric and Emily a discount. Each and every bite of my $3 mini bar was savored.  
Below you'll find an excellent specimen of raw skill. Never mind what's popping in on the lower right hand corner. The Empire State building in all it's romance and glory. No, those aren't pinatas at a Mexican birthday bash....we're in little ITALY. You know, and I'm so glad we went here because we never made it there the first time around. Can you believe there was only ONE Gelato shop...isn't that some sort of rite of passage over there? 
Isn't this quintessential New York. Now, I realize that these aren't post card perfect...but they are seen through imperfect eyes, so cut me some slack. (take that Hallmark!) And can I just mention that 'the ball', you know, the one that's ginormous on T.V. every year was so miserably undersized I felt deflated when I realized what I seeing. So here we are, two crazy nut's on a day pass from the psych ward. Do we look excited?Do you ever soap off twice in the shower after returning from what you might deem a particularly 'dirty' day, because you just don't trust that the soap got off the first time whatever that guy on the subway sitting next to you had, so you do it again...just to be sure. I do.


Courtney said...

Hey Kim, it's Courtney Sudweeks. So, I found your blog through facebook, and just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading it. Your sassy comments totally crack me up!

You and Mike look really happy together, and I am oh so jealous of all your travels. Seriously. I wish I had your spontaneity. Should I ever decide to venture out of southern California again, I will definitely have to get some travel tips from you!

Take care.

Brent Danley said...

Nice post, Kim. Like Courtney, I love your spontaneity and humor. I missed you two when you went to New York and I miss you even more that you've gone to Alaska. :(

New York is a great place. Kirsten and I are overdue a visit.

Anonymous said...

You guys are welcome to come back anytime! Your post was funny, we had a great time seeing new parts of the city

BECKY said...

Talk about an amazing one day trip to NYC. Thanks for saying the ball that drops isn't that great... maybe I'll take that off my 'I'd like to see that' list.

Alaska, eh? We'll be expecting pics soon... very cool.

And that Florida mansion... WOW!

Kirsten said...

I LOVE NYC! I'm anxious to go back. We would have so much fun going with you and Michael. Great post!