Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breaking Up

Mike and I broke up last week. I don't want to go into a lot of detail about the why's and what went wrong. We were best friends, lovers, and confidants for seven years. I still love him and want what is best for him, however I felt that spending the rest of our lives together wasn't the right decision. I hate breaking up. Not that I've had to do it much in my life...but it really sucks. It sucks to have to make a decision that you know will hurt your best friend. It sucks to have to call people up one by one and tell them about your decision. It sucks to have to rehash the reasons time and time again. But I have been so incredibly blessed and surprised by the support I have been given from family, both Mike's and my own, and friends.
I have been thinking a lot about the break-up this past week. Obviously. Here is what I've been thinking about.
1. When do take down the pictures of you together around the house?
2. How long does it take to really 'feel' single?
3. How many times will I have to say 'my boyfriend...I ex-boyfriend'?
4. How do you decide who gets what?
5. Why can't people just be friends afterwards, because one of the hardest part of breaking up is losing my best friend.
6. Why do people always break their promises after breaking up?
7. Is there such things as shared custody of a dog?
8. I understand why people do it, and I realize it's a kind gesture...but I really hate when people say 'Is there anything I can do for you?'. If there was I would ask. I promise.
9. I also hate the 'Are you okay?' question. Chances are unless your a close friend or family member, I'm not going to tell you the truth anyways.
10. It feels weird to be single and living alone.
11. I'm really glad that school takes up so much of my time.
12. I really hate sleeping alone, but apparently I need to just deal with that because the situation is not likely to change anytime in the near future.
13. Speaking of the future. I'm really excited for mine!
14. I feel like I have a new lease on life.
15. I don't regret a single moment I spent with Mike.


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Love You! If you need a little laugh or a pick me up you can always blast Destiny Child's "I'm a survivor." I know a dog does not = a human but at least you have Mufasa to snuggle with at night.