Monday, March 1, 2010

Rodeo Day

So we have this pond (some call it a drainage ditch, whatev. It holds water, and it's round. That's a pond.) And this bird is a permanent fixture in it. Mufasa's got the attention span of a goldfish, three seconds and you've lost him. We can't even get him to catch a tennis ball (isn't that a dogs favorite pastime) but the one thing he does love to do is chase after these sand hill cranes. So sometimes, just to be sadistic I'll send him out to chase after this crane. The funniest part is when Mufasa realizes he has to go *into* the water to chase him, 'never mind', 'I'll let this one go'.
Is he hot or what? I'd do him. Oh wait, bahahaha! p.s. In case you're out of the loop, we live in Kissimmee, not kiss me, KissImmee
This is what Mufasa will do if we leave his bag out. Talk about desperate. I read online about doggie depression, and Mufasa seems like a prime time candidate. Is that the face of 'bring me back to China' or what?
This is part of my family, in Florida. An extention of Patsy (Mike's step-mom) sons and co. Real cowboys, running a ranch and everything. I asked them to let me help with a calving, and they looked back at me like I was two pepperonis short of a pizza. But here's Brett (in red) and his son with one of the steers they entered into the fair.
Nette (a complete sweetheart, also Patsy's daughter) and her son with his respective steer.
I thought this was HIGH-larious, did you know they wash and blow dry all the steers before showing? I told Mike after we saw this that now there was no giving me flack for taking a long time to get ready...haha.
And here, you have one of the winning steers. He was kind of weirded out I wanted to take his picture, but my my my that's one fine steer right here.
Awww. We're lovers. AND friends. And I look like a crack whore in this picture, what can I say, four hours of sleep a night will get to you.
Bidders, on your mark....GO!
p.s. You know your a redneck when....your offered rodeo day off instead of Presidents day. True story.


BECKY said...

I think it's funny that people get so weirded out when you are interested in farm life! I love all the pics and I would have been the same way!

Brent Danley said...

I LOVE the last photo. Excellent motion blur. Nice pan.

LeBaron Family said...

You gotta have the gross, ornery to have the sweet, memorable. I sure miss the cute, nice patients that would come in the clinic I worked in.