Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quarter Century

I'm how old??
Yea, I know it looks like I'm doing something else....but I'm really just lotioning up my legs for this hot birthday getup.
That's right, 25 years ago I was naked, wet, and screaming. Oddly enough, I can point out several moments in my life where that same response seems just as appropriate. So, in honor of the big day I've come up with 25 life lessons that I've either learned or had reinforced this year.
1. It really is possible to study 24 hours a day, every day.
2. Never pretend to be anything your not.
3. The decision to have children should always be on your own terms.
4. Don't follow the crowd.
5. Silverfish are disgusting
6. Don't ever, under any circumstances try home remedies on #5. They won't work.
7. Even the worst situations in life look better with Mike by my side.
8. Maine. Enough said.
9. I really could live off a diet of cucumbers, mango's, and peppermint patties.
10. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
11. Don't drink the Lao Lao in Phuket.
12. Never pretend to be pregnant with your dog so you can sneak him on a Chinese train. He'll just end up peeing on your sheets.
13. Everyone likes to find love-notes in their lunch.
14. Always admit when your wrong.
15. It's really really funny to play pranks on Mike while he's in the shower. Even if he doesn't thinks so. I love you baby!
16. Life is short, do what you want.
17. Nursing is going to make me more OCD than I already am.
18. Take risks.
19. You may not be able to control your circumstances, but you can control your attitude, and that makes all the difference.
20. Never say never, because it probably will.
21. Richard Dawkins and Ayn Rand books will never get old.
22. Don't set impossible budgets. ahem.potterybarn.ahem.
23. Traveling is my drug of choice.
24. I could retire at a lakeside cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere north of the equator.
25. Honesty and kindness should prevail above all else.

p.s. Mike made my birthday so special. I told him I didn't want any presents (we exchange years not days...guess who's year it is? ) But I came home to the sweetest love letter. : )

The next day I got to spend all day hanging out with this italian stallion!
This one's just for posterity, because let's get real. I only curl my hair one out of every 6 million days. Say 'sexy love'!


BECKY said...

Your hair was beautiful! And even at 4:15 am you look fabulous!!!

Brent Danley said...

Love the list. Especially #8. ;)

Why not south of the Equator?

Mike and Kim said...

@ Becky: Thanks, your super sweet!

@ Brent: Me too, but I guess I was the one who made it, huh. And Mike asked me the same damn equator question. I guess I was picturing the cabin in Alaska when I wrote that. And most of my traveling has been north of the equator.