Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Home

It happened. Somewhere in the last year, we became domesticated. We put our passports in a box and instead of buying a plane ticket, we bought a couch. After sleeping on more hostel beds than I can remember, it's nice to come home to things we love.
This is the living room, still unfinished. We haven't decided on what kind of wall art we want to put up. Also, the lamp will be moved to the bedroom (when our bed arrives in a few weeks) and in it's place a bronze lamp.
We love love love this piece! The picture doesn't do it justice. And yes, we use our computer for a t.v. right now. Buying a flat screen was low on the priority list.
We bought these to put in the dining area to connect the yellow couch with the rest of the living space. Kinda cute though.
Sorry about the flash on the picture, but this is one of my favorite things. We collect the currency from all of the countries that we go to. I never really knew what I wanted to do with it, until we were looking for ideas of things to put up on the walls. From Bangladesh to Malaysia, it's a great reminder of all of the fun Mike and I have had together.


Brent Danley said...

Love the iMac and the notes.

LeBaron Family said...

How fun! I love the color schemes!

BECKY said...

The money is AWESOME! What a cool, cool, cool idea!