Monday, November 2, 2009


When I move to a new location I always give myself one day to not stress about all the responsible things yours supposed be taking care off. I am like, seventeen days past that. In those seventeen days though I have totally domesticated my life....and I am so excited. I've picked out window treatments, bath towels, and throw pillows, accent vases, hangers (yes, special ones), and kitchen accessories. One of the perks of dating a metrosexual is that Mike doesn't mind the decorating process, which doubles the fun when he gets as excited about a Calphalon Unison Nonstick Frittata pan as I do. So just to give you a taste:
Two of our throw pillows for the sofa and a matching lamp shade.
How can you resist cinnamon stick napkin rings!
Okay, so the quality of this photo stinks. I won't go into why....okay, so I tried for like fifteen million hours to load the official picture of the product, all to no avail. I can be so computer illiterate sometimes it's painful. So you get this, a photo of a photo. So here she is, our beautiful 'buchanan' in 'harvest yellow'. Due to December. No, not the beginning. The end of December. Don't ask what we'll do without a couch till then. I'm sure we'll think of something.
We are so excited to move in and have a place that we can call home for awhile. I just hope we can stay excited about being immobile. Traveling seems to be an itch we can't scratch. So for the next few years, while we finish school (please, let this be the last time) we're shacking it lake-side, Kissimmee style.

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Anonymous said... the sofa (and the lampshade) I'm sure your apt will look adorable! Post some pics when you're done decorating. Oh I was laughing at your last post b/c I remember when we had "music nights" where we traded off picking what we listened to at night. I distinctly remember you being obsessed with "The Belle of Nauvoo" soon to be followed by the "Titanic" soundtrack on repeat