Thursday, November 5, 2009

Itch or Addiction?

If you look closely at the picture below, you'll see what might resemble shoes. Those would be my bright pink traveling Crocks. The kind of shoes you can wear at any time and feel protected. I feel the same way about those Crocks as my mom did when she once pulled out a pair of black shiny stretch pants and called them her travelling pants-because they never needed ironing....and black goes with everything. I'm sure everyone is as equally appalled by my pink shoes as I was by her black pants confession. That doesn't make me any less in love with them, mostly because of the memories I associated with them.
Tonight Mike suggested we take the dogs for a walk and as I stepped outside I pushed my feet into soft, worn, pink rubber. It's funny how I've taken a million pictures but it only takes a single object to remind me what I love most in this life.
I miss this: Mike telling me it would be a grand idea if we pack three hundred pounds on a hundred c.c. scooter through the Lao Jungle. You know you're in for it when every village you stop at takes one look at your bike then tells you to turn around while you still can. I miss stopping at random huts to share fruit with the locals and having a conversation using only universally understood body language.I miss discovering the million differences that separate one life from the next, but cultivating that one commonality.I miss discovering a village in the middle of nowhere, and you'd swear they'd never seen your shade of white. And dang-it, I just miss that excitement that bubbles out when you are soo excited and curious about the next place on your trip if only you could nail down a destination. p.s. That's Mufasa's infamous 'black bag', and yes, he's in there. S0 I guess, in this unique turn of events that my world, instead of disappearing behind a number of JPEG's has simply become a little more concentrated than I'm used to. Which only makes it more of an adventure as I try to adventure and explore in the United States of don't leave central Florida.

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Shanna said...

Miss you Kim and I love reading about all your adventures. Keep having fun!