Thursday, May 14, 2009

Northern Exposure

We descended into the brisk (a kind word for f*%#@! cold) weather of Alaska. The fact that Ms. Redoubt has blown her fury and ash all over Alaska meant that in addition to the ice and snow, even beautiful year-round greenery took to a hideous shade of grey. Michael was determined that he not lose his tan, so he set up his lawn chair on the ice blanketing the lake. I heard him mumble something about the reflection of the light and getting burned on cloudy days. I was going to laugh, but damn the boy makes cold look so cool!
I'm not was really cold when we got here. We drove through the mountains and stared at all of the piles of snow that were bigger than we were.
 Because of the crazy hours we work during the summer, we have to send Mufasa to doggy-day-care via our good friend Tammy (really, your a life-saver!). Well, the tides turned and as fate would have it, the day after we arrived both her and her husband were leaving town and needed someone to care after the animals. The animals including a Rottweiler (who weighs more than Mike), a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix, two independent cats....and Mufasa. 
One day we got really adventurous and loaded them into our car to hike at a nearby bog park. We arrived happily confused because we had been looking DOG park, only this was a much more scenic option. 
I enjoy running, especially when it includes tuning the world out and jamming to RiRi or other especially classy artists. One particular run I decided to put Sasha (the dog that outweighs me by at least 50 pounds) on a leash to you know, motivate me. She pulled the leash every few feet, trying to stop and obsess at some invisible pheromone....but having prepared myself for this was ready and tugged her bag in line. After a few blocks we had both established zen and I was rockin out center stage space cadet style when WHAMMM, DRAG (Kim-I'd like you to meet the pavement. Asphalt-meet Kim), rocks, barking...and panic ensue. This is when it would have been helpful to be aware of the two Rottweilers approaching from the opposite direction. And yes, It was that embarrassing...welcome to my life :) 
But on a brighter note-we saw our first moose of the season! The fact that it really was this close is only one of the reasons I love Alaska. Yakay, and the reason it's blurry is because I had like two milliseconds to capture this moment with mother nature. Was it that he looked like he's giving me the 'don't make me chase you' stare or the fact that I looked like a half naked tourist and I couldn't tune out the laughter from the passing motorists?? Maybe both.Sasquatch, Davy Crockett, Old Yeller....they ain't got nothing on us. Mike, Mufasa, and myself had a hell of a time climbing and conquering Flattop, an Anchorage peak that lies at about 3500 feet. Keep in mind you start at sea-level. I'm totally justifying. Just so we're on the same page, in preparation for the upcoming work season...I'm rebelling against my beauty products for the weekend. So don't be a hater.  Mike, being an unconventional guy....felt the need to descend the mountain in a very, unconventional way. He tried his darndest to get me to slide down the mountain with him, but I was too terrified of triggering an avalanche. I was a wiener, I know. Aside from the fact that this picture is horribly overexposed, I love how quintessential Alaska this picture is.I am typing this blog post approximately 127 miles from boo#2. All of this writing's making me miss you. Muah, and all my love to Mufasa. 


BECKY said...

Holy Moose!! Good catch! And cool hikes!

Kirsten said...

Kim, you're always so captivating with your story telling. I love your gusto! It's very infectious. :-) I'm glad you and Mike are getting out and having adventures. Did you forget your mukluks and parkas? ...Because it looks a little chilly up there.

I am so jealous that you saw a moose. I still have yet to see one, and I've lived in Maine for two years.

I hope little Mufasa is getting along well with the other dogs. The girls sure do miss him.