Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Story

One of the differences between Roy and myself is that while I like to mull things over and tend to flip flop over big decisions Roy will make up his mind and the decision might as well be set in stone. That being said, the first time Roy proposed to me was four months after we started dating. We were standing in my kitchen making a dinner together, Roy pours a glass a wine and as he's handing it to me looks me straight in the eye and asks ... 'marry me Kimmy'...I take the wine and look at him and say...'you're crazy, we've hardly been dating!' To which he responds 'I love you, you love me...marry me'. And the only response I could think of was 'No way! You're really crazy baby!'
We continued to date and our relationship deepened. We understood each other on a fundamental level. Our strengths and weaknesses complimented each other. I don't remember the exact moment I knew I wanted to marry him, but I've never doubted it since.
So, we talked about when we wanted to get married and we could never settle on a date. One thing we both knew was that neither of us wanted a big wedding. Something small and intimate. So, the week of the 15th we committed. We were going to get married that week. We wanted to get married on a Saturday and have an extended staycation. So that Friday we had what we jokingly called our rehersal dinner. The next day though we found out the courthouse wasn't open until Monday, so our wedding was post-poned for another two days. We called Roys family and shared the good news. Roys family is in the buckle of the bible belt in Texas and they all live on ranches, so talking with them always leaves me in tears from laughing so hard....especially Roy's Uncle Bill.
On Monday we got dressed up and went to the courthouse, filled out our paperwork...and got ready for a civil ceromony at the Osceola Courthouse. It was such an emotional experience for us both. We both cried and barely made it through our vows. Afterwards we went home and...well awhile later we went out to this nice steakhouse. We took two days afterwards off work and barely left the house, two love birds who couldn't get enough of each other.
While it was very impromptu and simple, we would not have had it any other way.
* Pictures to come


Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

Wow, you two are crazy love birds! Sounds like a lovely small wedding. Congrats!

Stephanie Montgomery said...

Congrat's ! I am so happy for you. I totally want to see pictures now.

BECKY said...

ditto to hill's comment!
can't wait to see pics!
and i remember that at one time you didn't think marriage was neccessary... i'd love to hear what changed you.
so happy for you!!!

Mike and Kim said...

@Becky: What changed me was Roy. For the better. : )